Rethink with ClearscopeHR.

We are your benefits partner.

Rethink: Process

We LISTEN to our clients. We understanding the landscape, we're involved in the broader industry, and we're "product agnostic." All of this allows us to customize our solutions. RETHINK your engagement process because we are not simply benefits brokers, we are your BENEFITS PARTNER.

Rethink: Rules

Regulatory authorities are changing the rules to put clients' needs first. The industry's largest firms are legally fighting these rulings in an effort to maintain less transparency. RETHINK your trust in the largest providers and choose a progressive platform on the cutting edge of the new rules and protocols.

Rethink: Relationship

Many employers work with benefit providers who use technology to manage HR responsibilities. Should a TECH firm handle your benefits or a BENEFITS firm handle your tech? RETHINK your existing relationships and understand this perspective makes all the difference when choosing the right benefits partner.

Rethink: Pricing

Technology has provided the largest benefits providers the ability to deliver the same services at a fraction of the cost. While their costs have gone way down, the pricing they charge clients has not. Take control of your benefit and retirement plans and RETHINK how much you pay for plan services.



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